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Thank you

It is with a pinch in my heart that I announce that I have no choice but to put the project on standby. For how long, I cannot say for now. To this day, I am facing a copyright and usage issue that is blocking this great adventure. In any case, if this project continues, it will certainly not be carried out in France.

I thank all those who believed in , who continue to believe in it and support me: friends, professionals and many others. Without you I might not have been able to find the courage, energy, strength and conviction to carry all this out. I extend a big thank you to each and every one of you. For now the project is postponed. Hopefully it will, in the future, become a reality. When? Who knows! Who knows! Only time will tell.

To overcome this situation, my remedy is meditation, escapades in the Sahara desert of Tarfaya and the wind of music that will lead me to other resources of inspiration and to remain deeply free.

Today, in the same spirit as the project , I am in the process of creating a small music group inspired by jazz, among other things, whose main base is the Hang Gubal and the Hang Bal.

See you very soon