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and the Hangs

On a mild trivial afternoon, while attending the 14th edition of the documents in Germany, Regis's ear was seduced by music coming from the crowd, a strange, charming, unrecognizable unknown, mysterious sound. That sound came from a small gray half-globe, about forty centimeters in size, in the hands of a charming lady who was joyfully playing music. Being curious, Régis approached her. She showed him this amazingly singular object, the Hang Gubal. It was invented at the same time as the Hang Bal, about forty years ago by Felix Rohner and Sabrina Schärer, Swiss nationals. On closer inspection, he discovered 7 circle drawings on the surface. It was like a wink of the Little Prince and his 7 planets. In no time at all, he now knew that would be the sound of . It would be heard in the "teaser", the trailer, the documentary, the installation, during cultural debates, and during the opening ceremonies. Hang Gubal and Hang Bal would have a place of honor in .

Regis met several times with Felix Rohner who understood perfectly the importance of Hangs for . He introduced Regis to all the subtleties of the two instruments, to the way of playing by moving on the "planets". Regis's professional dance experience allowed him to find his own rhythm and through intensive, daily practice Regis incorporated Hang Gubal and Hang Bal in his work.

Yannick Dabrowski, writer